During my second year at UTS I was an assistant animator on Alex Grigg’s Late Night Work Club short Born in a Void.

Alex has been an idol of mine for quite a while. In high school and at the ANU I was shamefully unaware that there were any independent animators in Australia, or that there was an industry at all. As the hype for the first Late Night Work Club was building, I was shocked and enamoured by their philosophy of independent filmmaking and the amazing resulting shorts.

So obviously it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to help Alex out on his second short.

I spent a few months on this towards the end of the project, and my roles were cleanup on most of the shots, and animation on all the little dots and particles floating around inside the characters, as well as some flying objects and brief hand animations.

Thanks to Alex for having me onboard!

Full credits:

Written and Directed by : Alex Grigg
Original Score by : Skillbard 
Animated by : Alex Grigg, Richard Chhoa 
Additional animation by : Bryce Pemberton, Jeremy Carlen, Robertino Zambrano, 
Special Thanks Sonoko Kifune, Taku Furukawa, Koji Yamamura, Kasumi Ozeki, Kyosuke Kuroko, Rosanna Afford, Darren Price, LNWC