A late night store purchase startles a paranoid employee.

This was a short film project done at UTS in my final year with Erika Ju and Yori Narpati.

We storyboarded a basic scenario where a strange looking customer walks into a servo at night, while an timid employee freaks out. Live action footage was shot on location which we used to build an animatic and proceeded to animate!

Animation duties were split evenly between the three of us, as we each had shots we were excited to do. And once that was done I jumped into the compositing/tracking/grading responsibilities. Using Nuke for the first time I taught myself the basics of setting up a shot based pipeline for a small production, developing node network presets for reflections, masking, shadows and grading.

Below are a few designs/model sheets I developed for the project, based on Yori and Erika’s initial character iterations (pictured first):

Credit: Yori Narpati (left, middle) Erika Ju (right)