Short and sweet piece I worked on with Kapwa Studioworks and Robertino Zambrano, for the Red Room Poetry Organisation.

Young writers were invited to submit poems about special and curious objects. Inspired by the inner worlds of each winning piece, we then brought the poems to life through animation in collaboration with sound and music house Bamm Bamm Wolfgang.

This short was screened in NSW cinemas during prescreenings for family movies during the Summer holidays, was also screened at the Annecy Animation Festival in 2018, and was a nominee for the Motionographer Motion Awards that same year.

I was responsible for animation and compositing for the first third “Canvas”, and then helped out on animation for the last third.

Many thanks to Robertino for inviting me on.

Full Credits:

Client: Red Room Poetry
Production Company: KAPWA Studioworks

Featuring poetry excerpts from:
'Canvas' - written and performed by Peter Ramm
'29 Dreamers' - written and performed by Jessica G.
'City of Dots' - written and performed by Mim D.

Animation by KAPWA
Director, Designer, Producer: Robertino Zambrano
Bethany Levy, Derek Lau, Robertino Zambrano, Bryce Pemberton, Leanne Lee, Ling Siu, Michael Chen
Robertino Zambrano, Michael Chen, Derek Lau, Ling Sui, Bryce Pemberton
Design Assistant: Jordan Punzalan

Sound by Bamm Bamm Wolfgang
Music and Sound Design: Adam Alexander, John Romeo
Mastered at Viking Lounge by Paul Stefanidis

With thanks to the wonderful team at Red Room Poetry:
Eunice Andrada, Sally Marwood and Tamryn Bennett