This is a crazy commercial I worked on with Mighty Nice and Nexus for the reMarkable tablet. An e-ink display productivity device.

Working with this talent was awe-inspiring, we went through many, many rounds of iterations early on, and in such a short period with many late nights and weekends we produced something that we’re proud of.

This being a hybrid 2D/3D project, my roles were primarily 2D character animation and 3D pre-vis for a couple scenes. I also had a small stretch of doing storyboards for a few scenes that were ultimately cut. Haha.

Many thanks to the team at Mighty Nice, Darren Price, Simon Robson and Diana Angelius for having me onboard.

Full Credits:

Co-directors : Darren Price & Simon Robson
Senior Producer : Tina Braham
Junior Producer : Diana Angelius
Nexus Studios Executive Producer : Ollie Allgrove
Nexus Studios Producer : Doireann de Buitlear 
Head of Studio : Jeremy Howdin
Storyboard : Bonnie Forsyth, Michael Shiao Chen, Alex Dray, Adrienne Bolina
Design : Michael Shiao Chen, Bonnie Forsyth, Simon Robson, John Engelhardt, Maxime Dupuy, Baptiste Groazil, Jason Pamment
Animation : Bonnie Forsyth, Michael Shiao Chen, Bryce Pemberton, Aaron MacDonald, Ben Grimshaw, Leanne Lee, Josh Trotter, Milo Gluth
Clean Up : Adrienne Bolina, Oscar Nimmo, Joanne Lee-Jung, Lester Chan, Tessa Eden
3D : Trent Rogan, Cosmo Park
Composite : John Grist, Chris Angelius, Fiona Lu, Bethany Levy, Mathieu Carlot
Pitch & Development : Softly Dunstan
Sound : Adrian Aurelius

Client : reMarkable
Agency : &Co