This was my first commercial job out of uni with Mighty Nice, for Rhinocort Australia.

My role was 2D character animator for the first half of both spots, and clean up artist at the end of the project.

I learned a bit about being economical with 2D character animation, even when the character is constantly moving and talking; as the turnaround was short and there was a lot of animation to be done, time lost would be quality lost.

Full credits:

Director : Darren Price
Design : Marie Thorhauge, Bonnie Forsyth
Storyboard : Bonnie Forsyth
Model/Surface : Trent Rogan
Animation : Bonnie Forsyth, Bryce Pemberton, Aaron McDonald, Andrew Onorato
Composite : John Grist, Supriya Bhonsle
Head of Studio : Jeremy Howdin
Senior Producer : Tina Braham
Junior Producer : Diana Angelius

Agency : JWT Sydney
Client : Johnson & Johnson