An aging thespian performs to an imagined audience.

This was my final project made for the Bachelor of Animation at UTS with Yori Narpati.

We wanted to try something a bit different for the 3D stream of the semester, so we handbuilt our set using balsawood, boxboard, paints and clay, lit and shot in a shonky makeshift studio with borrowed equipment. It seemed fitting.

We animated the 3D characters and props in Maya then I lit and rendered each shot with Pixar’s Renderman, and composited together with the live footage in Nuke. I taught myself the fundamentals of physically based rendering and live footage/animation compositing techniques. Chopping the framerate and projecting shadows over the physical materials, I tried my best to fool non animation folk into thinking it was all stop motion.

We wanted to portray a basic kind of scenario where a rambling TV presenter doesn’t realise he’s performing to nobody, while his only staff member improvises to maintain the illusion.

The old man was modelled and rigged by Yori and the camera operator by myself.

Below are some behind the scenes pics: